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Chiropractor Brentwood for Family Wellness

Feel Great at Ginkgo Health Studio

Dr. Erin headshotBrentwood chiropractor Dr. Erin Sinkuler offers cutting-edge wellness optimization, with special consideration given to those patients suffering from headache and migraine pain. His mission at Ginkgo Health Studio is to promote a teamwork approach with his practice members. He accomplishes this goal through isolating the cause of the problem, adjusting specifically and offering rapid pain relief.

There’s Always Room for One More

Our goal is to serve others through the gift of health optimization. We welcome all family members of every age. Because our commitment to good health is so strong, it doesn’t matter how busy our schedule is: if you’re in pain, we’ll make room for you on the same day that you call.

Experience Counts

We’re proud to cater to families in our heart-centered office.

yelp-review-bannerWe go out of our way to provide an oasis of comfort and compassion, while still featuring state-of-the-art digital X-ray imaging and research-based care. Adults and children alike appreciate our attention to detail and our ability to achieve fast and lasting results.

Our Practice Difference

Every practice is unique. Here are some of the ways that we stand out in the community:

Our treatment plans are completely customized, based on examination findings, modern Nervo-Scope® readings and digitalized X-ray imaging.

Dr. Erin’s experience sets him apart. His adjusting skills allow his patients to receive scientifically validated care that provides rapid pain relief, with lasting stabilization of injured spinal units.

Our office is a mecca for those suffering from chronic or acute headache and migraine pain. Dr. Erin pinpoints and corrects the specific patterns of misalignment that create these debilitating conditions.

We’re in our chiropractic care center every week with one purpose in mind: to help people live a better life. We want moms-to-be to enjoy their pregnancies without back pain and sciatica; dads to be productive at work without the added burden of shoulder and neck pain, and kids to excel in school and sports. We’re all about creating family units that benefit greatly from wellness and vitality.

The compassionate and skillful care at our center supports the entire family dynamic. Do you or your child have a problem we could help? We urge you to place yourself in our experienced hands. Contact us today for a convenient appointment with our chiropractor Brentwood! We’re also PPO providers for BCBS.